Passion rediscovered

September 25, 2007 at 12:53 am 9 comments

I have grown up playing cricket. Everywhere. Gully cricket. Street cricket. School cricket. College cricket. District leagues. It is definitely a passion. A religion. And whatever you want to call. Cricket has always been a priority for me.

I remember the days of my 12th standard. It used to be board exam times and there were these cricket matches and India /Pakistan matches. We dint have a TV at home. I used to go to my neighbors house to watch the match. Irrespective of the exam. Even if it was college exams. I use to watch TV and as usual scolded by parents for not studying even during exam time and watching cricket.

The movie Chennai 600028 had several scenes which I have experienced. Games played in Australia / Newzealand used to start at 4 AM. Irrespective of what season it is I used to get up and go watch the game along with friends at the community club. Shout. Scream. Cheer the team. My voice would be gone for a couple of days shouting and screaming for team India. Shrikanth and Kapil were my all time favorites.

Even if it was a district divisional league match, get up at 4, get ready, take a bus and go to the National College and Bishop Heber College grounds in Trichy. But when my mom wants me to pay electricity bill, I wont have the time. I was questioned how come I have time for cricket but not for works at home. So in that sense, Chennai 600028 had reflected several scenes at home.

I am sure most of us have grown up that way. Cricket being a part of us. We have cricket in our breaths.

But then, atleast for me , I have been losing interest in the game in the last few years. The first time I started disliking the game was the days of match fixing. This was the first impact. Hansie Conje. Azaruddin. Jadeja.Many teams losing matches. I don’t say that these people were involved in match fixing as I leave it to the experts. But then the news of match fixing was coming big time and slowly it was taking away the passion in me.I thought the games were being fabricated and what we see is not what actually what we are supposed to get(It is WWSINWAWASTG and not WYSIWYG πŸ˜‰

The next was the politics in the team. Leaked email messages. Ganguly talking of John Wright after 3 days of the match and after scoring a century against a small team. The way BCCI was handling the selection and playing politics. Dalmiya playing politics. Case against him for laundering money. Again I am really not to comment on the correctness of these but everything of this had an impact on me. Atleast slowly taking the interest away from me from the game.

It was politics and politicking. The news of seniors vs juniors. Greg Chappell saga. No doubt he is a great guy but it was politics which prevented him (both BCCI and players) from doing anything concrete.This was the biggest thing which actually made me to an extent averse to the game. I was slowly getting away from watching the matches but then used to keep a tab now and then.

It was definitely not the winning or losing of the game. I had definitely admonished the team during the recent world cup loss( the 50 over version.. πŸ™‚ . Infact I dint even bother to watch many of the matches. It was all due to the politics in the team and politicking and BCCI. The way BCCI handled the issue after the game. The way so called senior players reacted to Chappell in and out of media. All this made the game to an abysmal low. Atleast for me. I had almost written off the game as something that India can never win again at big games. Not because of talent. But because of politics.

But then the T20 has helped me rediscover the passion on the game. Ofcourse winning is a great thing. Fabulous. And lifting a world cup is even greater. But whats more important is the team itself. For whatever reasons the big 3 or the so called “seniors” are not in the team. Big thank you BCCI (moreso selectors). I dont know if you guys did this by design or chance, but you have done a great thing to Indian cricket.
Every member of the current T20 team is someone who is returning to the team after having been dropped for long or is some one who is just beginning their career. So there was absolutely no senior / junior issue. It was just a member of the team. Dhoni has been a pretty cool guy. He believed every member of the team. And even gave the last overs to a rookie like Joginder. Ofcourse Yuvi was fantastic. Good (actually great and fantastic) come back by Viru, Irfan and Bhajji. They definitely don’t behave like seniors of the team. Their body language and attitude was definitely different this time. Others like Rohit Sharma, Joginder, Uthappa, Gambhir are relatively new guys and are giving their life out.

There is no politics in the team. Atleast not visible. Agreed , things will come out if we lose and everything will go under the carpet if we win. But cracks will be seen anyways. It is not visible. There is no coach / player issue. Everything suddenly seems like settled. Its great time again for Cricket. Atleast for me as I am feeling good about the game again.

I have not missed one ball in the first India / Pakistan match. I have not missed one ball in the games against England, South Africa, Australia and ofcourse today against Pakistan.

Our apartment association had been fantastic by arranging for a projection equipment and a large screen at our auditorium. I was there right at 5 25 PM. And slowly the crowd started coming. Students. Other colleagues. Elders. Everyone. We had over 500 people sitting there and watching the match. I was again shouting , screaming for every moment of the game.

Its already 1 AM and I am unable to sleep. Purely because of the excitement. My voice has become soar again by the shouting. I dont care. I loved it. Every moment of the game today. I am not writing the great moments and the details of the game itself. Just my experience. Pure experience. Sheer experience.

I have rediscovered my passion for the game.

And I really want this to stay.


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  • 1. ashwinc  |  September 25, 2007 at 10:50 am

    Same reaction from me too πŸ™‚

    Was really fantastic to watch the men in blue triumph. Full of confidence, this young team is going great guns. India must make sure that they don’t ignore these guys in the future (I mean the newbies) and help them contribute to the Indian Cricket…

    Once again, Kudos to Dhoni & Co

  • 2. Nandini  |  September 25, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    I am not a great fan of cricket. I use to take a glance at those “men in blue” play whenever I lose the Power of Operation on the TV remote πŸ˜‰
    But this match has lured me too. I was glued to couch in our living room and my eyes were stuck to the TV. So interesting was the game. The T20 format is good and it has added a lot of power ,energy and thrill to the game. As someone said on CNN IBN that it is going to be a competition for Indian movies. Both gets over within 3.5 hours and it has a nail bitting climax too!!
    The news is there in all New Channels. I could hear people bursting fire crackers. There is so much celebration all over the country!
    Cricket is Fun and it brings out the bonding as Indians!!
    The flip side of the story isnt good.Its rather quiet pitiful. While cricket is on the Top of the Fame list , no other game (except short-lived Tennis & less spoken Chess) other games are just ignored. Today,the Karnataka government has announced Rs5 lacs as an award for Robin Uttapa.Has there been a similar kind of felicitation done to any other person in a different sports.Which government awarded money to the Asia cup winning hockey team? Is it not sending wrong signals to the youths of this country curbing their choice to enter into any other sports ?
    Its just not the government to be blamed. We as viewers have equal responsibility of encouraging other sports and consciously stop being responsible for its extinction.

  • 3. Sami  |  September 26, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    Neatly written shiva.
    //Even if it was a district divisional league match, get up at 4, get ready, take a bus and go to the National College and Bishop Heber College grounds in Trichy//
    Ooru “siva”raj singh engalukku kidaikkama pochche…Che Just miss !Namma ooru perumaya pathi solrathukku extrava oru point kidaichirukkum πŸ˜‰
    But i dont like this format of the game, reducing the boundaries and making the pitch batsmen friendly, it is going to become like baseball after 25 yrs (10-10 match) πŸ™‚
    30/35 overs should be a nice deal.

    Certainly dhoni had captained very well. he should maintain this attitude continously.
    I am waiting for how this team is going to perfom against austrlia at our home and at their home…

    But it is silly to award prizes and praising the player when they win matches and demolishing their home when they are loosing (pavamnga dhoni, his newly constructed house had been demolished by angry ranchi fans when we lost miserably in the worldcup). Ridiculous attitude of cricket fans.

    Being polticians in the BCCI, this had become team of BCCI than India. Now they will start side lining dinesh karthick who is performing really well. I guess he is far better than robin uthappa. Same case with shreesanth, i would call him as upcoming agarkar. What happend to guys like balaji and ashish nehra…?
    shresshanth and agarkar will cement their seats to australia as indians believe the sentiments of a combination :o, so they wont disturb. enna kodumai saravanan ithu? india needs comple renovation. hope dhoni brings that (but dont forget that rahul also started very well as a captain πŸ˜‰ )

    sorry for the long long comment.

  • 4. Sami  |  September 26, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    @ curious,
    Cricket viladrathukku oru bat oru ball irundha pothum you can expertise and enjoy the game. Most of our guys started like this and came in to the Team.
    But if you see in the game of tennis which is very costly, hockey you need big big ground.
    Most of the indians believe in out door games, so chess dont come in this category (but there is supporter group for chess). Tell me if chess is telecasted, how interesting it will be. it is not only the chess, it is the same case with carrom. I would like to play chess and carrom, but not watch them. way of broadcasting should change for indoor games to make them intersting. v cant blame govt or people for this. players like v.anand shoudl come forward and do something so that media people learn intersting way of broadcasting.
    you can take F1/WWF as example, no body liked or know about it some years before but what about it now? (WWF lost it because of the same factor now)

    No body can touch cricket in india unless the game become economical. Next popular game in india is Football which is also economical πŸ˜‰

    again sorry shiva for long comment and hijacking ur blog.

  • 5. Ranjhith  |  September 26, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    WoW! Sema flow (or form?) la yezhuthi irrupeenga pola? πŸ™‚

    I wud rather choose to remember the exact sentence than the acronym itself. πŸ˜›

    The T20 format is fast, fun & keeps the scoreboard ticking. Keeps us glued to the seats. One bad thing is the reduction of replay of shots/catches/fielding-stunts. The advts are too many.

    > Just my experience. Pure experience.
    Sheer experience!! πŸ™‚

    So, Ind vs Aus in Hyd matcha miss pannamaateenga innu ninaikurean. πŸ™‚

  • 6. Aparna  |  September 27, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    After a long time, I too enjoyed watching cricket on the day of 20 20 finals. The politics and too much media hype are what made me lose interest in watching cricket too

  • 7. nitin  |  September 29, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    YEah Siva..excellent match for that day.. Your story and mine story are almost same till match fixing was heard off…then i lost my interest in the game…and till now i am not glued to the TV when there is a cricket match…

    There are many reasons for my losing interest ….I am never confident of indian team , i dont have faith in them…even after T20 i still fear that any one can beat them…am never optimistic abt Team India…Also people are always in wrong impression that T20 win can make them worldchampions in 50 50 too…both are a different ball game…lets check out wat india does with Aussies…

    I keep my fingers crossed…

  • 8. Siva  |  September 30, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    Ashwin: absolutely.. the boys played really well and deserve all the credit..hats off to Dhoni..

    Nandini: super points.. very valid too.. i also think all the hockey and billiards players heard you and something is happening..i hope other sports gets needed attention..but you are very right in pointing out how much we are also at fault.

    Sami: i am glad the post made you write a long comment.. discussion is what really matters..

    //Ooru β€œsiva”raj singh engalukku kidaikkama pochche// – ahaaa.. kelambitaangayaa kelambitaangayaaa.. πŸ˜‰

    //But i dont like this format of the game// hmm.. actually ICC is looking at countries like USA , China and other European countries to get to play this game..T20 was heavily telecast in China.. they are trying to get attention to this game so that more countries can play.. the good part is this short version is so thrilling..

    //But it is silly to award prizes and praising the player when they win matches and demolishing their home when they are loosing// – absolutely.. those are more fanatics of crickets than fans..people should learn to admire the game as a game..

    //Being polticians in the BCCI, this had become team of BCCI than India// you are absolutely right.. thats what i really hate in this .. the BCCI , the regional selection and the politicking.. if that is solved then Indian cricket will be way ahead of other countries. we will rule the world for a long long time to come…

    //india needs comple renovation. hope dhoni brings that// – definitely.. Dhoni can do it only to an extent.. you are right that Dravid tried his best.. he actually quit because he couldn’t fight anymore with the system.. Dhoni has a big big task ahead of him.. and this blog post is written very well on what challenges lies ahead of Dhoni.. a very good read..

  • 9. Siva  |  September 30, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Ranjhith: you are right.. athu oru sema flow/formla vanthathu.. i was in euphoria after the win and wrote with the same feeling.. πŸ™‚

    antha acronym matter chumma oru pilimthaan.. sathiyama cant remember.. πŸ™‚

    //The T20 format is fast, fun & keeps the scoreboard ticking. Keeps us glued to the seats. One bad thing is the reduction of replay of shots/catches/fielding-stunts. The advts are too many.// – 100% .. this has brought lot more viewers to cricket especially people who dint like cricket earlier also.. real fast paced. intha advt’s is really killing.. we don’t even get to see the sixth ball these days… really sad..

    most probably will be watching the match. lets see.. keeping fingers crossed for now.. 😦

    Aparna: great.. but absolutely right.. the politics and hype really was bad to the extent of making people lose interest.. I only hope they learn from their mistakes..

    Nitin : πŸ™‚ this would be the story for most of us…

    T20 or 50 overs.. definitely India has the talent.. talent to beat any country in the world and reign supreme.. but external forces are very high to divert them from attention to the game..why would one want to stay in the crease longer than scoring runs..!!! so moeny is a spoiler.. senior / junior is another issue.. board politics and selection politics is another issue.. past players poking their nose is another issue.. if we can get rid of these our guys talent will be clearly seen on the ground.. πŸ™‚

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