Indian President elections….

June 16, 2007 at 11:16 pm 9 comments

Atlast.. some sense prevailed amongst these politicians.. the nominated a Woman for a President as well as a person who is not so political.

But thats the only consolation part… the rest.. the whole process of nomination.. so called negotiations..has been a harrowing experience for the poor Indian citizen.

They have a mediator between the coalition parties. Ok. So they don’t talk amongst themselves. Excellent. They are on coalition. After the nomination of Ms Prathiba Patil for the post of President, the mediator calls all the parties to unanimously vote for Patil. Fora moment I thought he was referring to Shivaraj Patil. Who know’s. They could even do that. But then I realized he as referring to Ms Prathiba Patil as “Patil”. Thank goodness. During the process of negotiation the”negotiator” negotiates the post of a Union Minister for his daughter is different story.

Several news channels and news dailies conducted opinion polls amongst the common man as to “Who would they like as their President”.(Has it got any value or impact is a different question altogether). The choice was overwhelming for Dr Abdul Kalam. Thats what the common man wants. So what? Do politicians have to give what the common man wants? They will do what “they” want?

We had a wonderful President in Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. They do not want him for the second term. Because he let the Judiciary do its duty. Politicians felt that as an intervention. So they decided they will not have Dr Abdul Kalam and the reason quoted was he lacked Political acumen. Can the country have at least the first citizen who is not political?

When will India have a President with power?

The wait goes on…..


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The day will come… Who else but the BOSS….

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  • 1. Dinesh  |  June 19, 2007 at 5:14 am

    Even though President post is like a rubber stamp, the credit for giving it a different image and respect goes to Kalam…

    With Third Front proposing Kalam, and Vice President Shekawat suggesting all political parties to arrive at concensus for Kalam , lets hope there will be a turning point….

  • 2. Sivakumar Jayaraman  |  June 19, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    I agree Dinesh. It was indeed President Abdul Kalam who brought a whiff of fresh air into the office of the President. Whatever is happening now(turn of events) are more political than really trying to get him into the Presidential race. The so called third front dint want to support a Congress candidate or a BJP candidate and hence chose DR APJ. Thats not what he is. He should be a person of choice and not of elimination. Thats the sad part.

  • 3. Balraj  |  June 21, 2007 at 3:52 am

    President KAlam is the greatest visionary India has ever seen. He deserves a second term to complete his mission.

  • 4. Sivakumar Jayaraman  |  June 21, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    @Balraj: absolutely… he has entered into the hearts of almost every Indian citizen (other than our great politicians).. the missile man has indeed made every Indian think of the Vision 2020 for India… he should win.. but.. will our politicians let it happen? million dollar question…

  • 5. nitinrohidas  |  June 29, 2007 at 11:01 am

    Why Kalam?

    what difference can he make..?
    All important decisions of the country are passed as a bill by the members of the LokSabha…the president is just like a “katputli”..he can act like an ambassdor but can’t make any imp decisions..

    I got sick when i heard news like kalam teaching students..cutting ribbons…no matter who bcom’s the pres…i really dont care…

    who is “Patil”…I may be uneducated as far the power of president holds in the politics of india..but for the ppl of india..he can’t do anything..

    Infact if kalam …had been holding the post in the Space Research ..maybe something major development cud have happend at that front..he wasted his years in politics..

  • 6. Sivakumar Jayaraman  |  June 29, 2007 at 11:14 am

    @Nitin: Thanks for your comment..The fact that the post of President is just namesake cannot be changed..It is more of honorary post..given that who can make a difference… it is not that only Kalam is THE person for President.. There could be people who can make a difference.. We as common have have no say in who can be the President… so what ever we talk, write, think, debate, deliberate is of academic interest or to keep our thoughts fed..The difference Kalam has made is remarkable.. just because he has entered into the hearts of millions and millions of youngsters (mostly students).. The Indian demographics poses a great advantage.. if he can make every youngster believe that India can be a Developed Country – why not Kalam? This has been achieved by him not while he was a missile man but while he was a President.. another term for him will only increase this confidence amongst the youth which is the seed for growth of India to a developed Country.. that was my humble opinion….It can be Kalam..or anyone who can make a difference..

  • 7. nitinrohidas  |  July 1, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    I cannot measure what difference Kalam has made.He is no doubt a good chap with too much of grey cells.

    My only point is ,i dont knw why people are suggesting his name.what significant work has he carried out .As a matter i dont expect from the pres anything.the only reason ppl (youngster’s) like him is because he is not politically connected,he is a scientist,our generation who always mocks at the democracy and the politicians cant find a better person for the post than Kalam ( bcos of which he is favourite not bcos of his any work as such).There are better candidates..why people fool arnd themselves by the popular voice.?

  • 8. Naveen  |  July 3, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    I’m a bit weary of all this praise for Kalam. If anything Kalam made the India and in consequence the whole world a more dangerous place to live. He’s a nuclear mad scientist who nuclearized South Asia and brought it to the near brink of another war. He did absolutely nothing to address issues of unfair trade, communalism, education, alleviating poverty or a myraid of issues haunting India. And by accepting to be a BJP’s president he helped repair their image as Hinduvta fascists after the Gujarat pogroms. (You know he being a Muslim and all.) I read his autobiography and it was full of this ideal of self-help. It was full of self-congratulatory rhetoric and gave this impression that anyone in India can become president. It lacked any historical context and was rather bland. (Compared to Ambedhkar’s biography or Gandhi’s “Experiment” it was a 120 pg trash!) I dont’ mean to offend anyone but I’m sick of people projecting anybody that sounds somewhat intelligent into some great saint. Indian politicians of the caliber that lead the country to independence are long gone. I’ll reserve my comments on the useless Patil that is now nominated to be President for a later date.

  • 9. Sivakumar Jayaraman  |  July 6, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    @ Nitin, Naveen: Thanks for your comments. I again reiterate my earlier comment. The post of President of the country is not a post with power but a mere rubber stamp as they say. Going by the history of past Presidents ( I am not going to the days of Rajendra Prasad but just the last 25 years or so), we havent had any great impact by any body in this post. The difference Kalam has made is he entered into the hearts and minds of several Indians and made them believe India can be a super power. This he has achieved as a President of India… which no other President had achieved. In his last independence day speech President Kalam had given a wonderful 7 point oath to every youth. Infact I have had several students take this oath. Every student in this country believes in him and his vision. That is the difference he has made. He rightly deserves credit.

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