The Telugu movie named “Aata”

June 9, 2007 at 6:38 pm Leave a comment

Lets rewind a few months back…

Time: Sometime towards the end of year 2006..

MS Raju wakes up from a dream…he decides that he will produce a movie with just Ileana D’Cruz.. Creates a Story… creates a Screenplay…(but on the insistence of the Director agrees for a, music director, editor etc..)

Time: Now.. people watching movie Aata in theaters..

Ileana in Aata.. btw, Siddharth is also there…

Here’s the story:

once upon a time… #$%C%^^&S$#$^&^*W.. bla bla bla …#$%&^&** bla bla bla..

dream song with Ileana in Water (first of the pancha bootham)

story continues.. *(*#@#%$^)__YJ%%^^&WF@@(T%))FW@@.. ohh already 20 minutes gone.. ok dream song Ileana in fire.. (second of the pancha bootham)

story…$#@%^*bla bla bla bla..#$%%^^**.. dream song ileana in land(Rajasthan.. 😉 and the third of the panja bootham)

stroy $#@%^*bla bla bla bla..#$%%^^**…dream song ileana in air..(fourth Panja bootham)

movie ends…and they lived happily ever after…

Moral of the movie: MS Raju is happy (OK.. if you still haven’t got it, MS Raju is the Producer, Story writer and Screenplay writer for the movie Aata)


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